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The Official Website of Paul Wertico
- Seven Time Grammy Award Winner
- Readers Poll Winner, Modern Drummer Magazine & DRUM! Magazine
- Chicago Tribune 2004 "Chicagoan of the Year"
- Associate Professor of Jazz Studies, Roosevelt University's Chicago College of
   Performing Arts

- Recipient, "Life Time Achievement Award", Cape Breton International Drum

- Recipient, "Lifetime Achievement Award", Montreal Drum Fest

- Independent Music Award Winner, Wertico Cain & Gray's Sound Portraits
- Board of Governors, The Recording Academy Chicago Chapter
- Education Committee, Jazz Institute of Chicago


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Paul wrote this book to help drummers explore an alternative way of thinking and grooving, and the book is for all drummers, since it runs the gamut from simple to complex, regardless of their musical style.

Here's a brief description:
Habits and traditions are often hard to change, but discovering new and creative ways of rearranging and rethinking established norms is what distinguishes a great drummer and provides endless challenge and possibilities. TURN THE BEAT AROUND breaks decades-old routine by examining "backbeats" in a whole new light, asking the questions: "Why are backbeats always played on beats 2 & 4?" and "What about playing them on beats 1 & 3?" By delving into this inquiry, Paul Wertico provides drummers with innovative ways of expanding their groove vocabulary, solidifying their time, and mastering coordination and limb independence. Wertico has even coined a new word for these types of reversed beats---frontbeats.

TURN THE BEAT AROUND is available now at

The New CD Release by Wertico Cain & Gray - Short Cuts - 40 Improvisations


Short Cuts - 40 Improvisations is 100% improvised!!!

Our intention was to create short, spontaneous compositions. These 40 tracks form a complete compositional thought. The mixes were realized as living, breathing moments of creative flow and the titles of the tracks vibrate as poetry that tells our story.

To Order CD-RP, MP3, MP3 320, and FLAC files

The Recent CD Release by Wertico Cain & Gray - Realization


Realization is 100% improvised!!!

Realization is an album that brings together worlds of styles and inspirations into moments of reality. It's music for people who love to live an adventure through music, and dream through sound.


Wertico Cain & Gray's Realization was a nominee for BEST LIVE PERFORMANCE ALBUM & BEST LONG FORM VIDEO in the 15th Annual INDEPENDENT MUSIC AWARDS (2016)

To Order MP3, MP3 320, and FLAC files

The Recent Video Release by Wertico Cain & Gray - Realization

Realization is the story of back-to-back improvisational time capsules, one at The S.N. Shure Theater, Shure Incorporated headquarters, and one at Reelsounds Chicago.This spontaneous trio composes and orchestrates everything in real-time, melting acoustic and electronic sounds with new-tech and word-tech, in-sync with an inner muse that connects to the universe of possibilities, and musically conversing to the point of sheer telepathy.

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The DVD & CD Release by Wertico Cain & Gray - Organic Architecture

Organic Architecture is a seamless, genre-expanding marriage of sound and vision performed with a quality never before experienced. Inspired by famed architect Frank Lloyd Wright, Paul Wertico, David Cain and Larry Gray take musical artistry to unchartered waters with explosive, creative improvising that is truly on the cutting edge ... and beyond. A passionate, trailblazing, mind-blowing performance setting a new direction in music and video!

To Watch The Trailer & To Order Rent and/or Buy

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Wertico Cain & Gray's Sound Portraits won BEST LIVE PERFORMANCE ALBUM in the 13th Annual INDEPENDENT MUSIC AWARDS (2014)

Sound Portraits MP3, MP3 320, and FLAC files are now available at CDBaby and the Sound Portraits DVD is now available at Amazon!!!


Sound Portraits is 100% improvised!!! Visit our website at

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The CD Release by Wertico Cain & Gray - Out In SPACE


Out In SPACE is 100% improvised!!!

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The CD Release by Paul Wertico & Frank Catalano - Topics Of Conversation


Topics Of Conversation features 100% improvised drums/sax duets!!!

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The CD Release by Fabrizio Mocata, Gianmarco Scaglia & Paul Wertico - Free The Opera!


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The DVD & CD of David Cain & Paul Wertico - Feast For The Senses


Feast For The Senses: An evening of improvised music presented by seven-time Grammy award winning drummer, Paul Wertico, and award winning musician, artist, filmmaker, author and composer, David Cain.

To Order Digital Download - To Order DVD - To Order MP3, MP3 320, and FLAC files

Paul Wertico's "Even The Kitchen Sink" Drum Solo from Feast For The Senses:

Listen to Paul's two podcasts on DRUMMERADIO.COM, where he plays and talks about some of his all time favorite recordings and is interviewed by Bill Zildjian.

The Drum Channel Presents Paul Wertico with Host Terry Bozzio


"Paul Wertico played for years with Pat Metheny and is now a professor of music at Roosevelt University. He is highly respected in the drum community as one of the most musical melodic drummers which certainly comes through in one of the most amazing drum jams we have had on Drum Channel at the end of this show. This two part series talks about what you should play and how you should approach the drumset and the influences your instructors can have on you."

To Watch Paul's Drum Channel Appearance

Inventing The Future with Robert Tercek, featuring Paul Wertico & What's Next


Inventing The Future with Robert Tercek - Live Composition Sound Design

Apple's Meet the Musician: Roy Haynes - Moderated by Paul Wertico:


Listen To The Podcast

Paul Wertico's Mid-East/Mid-West Alliance - Live From SPACE DVD:


Comprised of the union of the Israeli duo, Marbin, and Chicago's Paul Wertico Trio, Paul Wertico's Mid-East/Mid-West Alliance represents a fresh direction in jazz and improvised music.

To Order Paul Wertico's Mid-East/Mid-West Alliance - Live From SPACE DVD

Paul Wertico - Drum Philosophy DVD


The international DVD release of the Paul Wertico instructional video entitled Paul Wertico - Drum Philosophy, published by Alfred Publishing. DVD format: Region 0 for use in all regions. Price: $19.95

To Order Paul Wertico - Drum Philosophy DVD

or for Video on Demand. Price: $15.99

To Order Paul Wertico - Drum Philosophy - Alfred Video on Demand

Paul Wertico: Drum Philosophy - 01:31

Download Paul Wertico Wallpaper:


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